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Nintendo is acting like a total jerk to its ever-faithful users.

Why? Ever heard of Flipnote Hatena? Well, it’s a pretty fun website where people from all over the world (who have a DSi) can post flipbook-like animations. Since 2008, it has been providing an outlet for all DSi users to share art and whatever they have in a cutesy animated way.

Guess what? They’re closing the whole thing down.

For what, you may ask. Basically to move all of their market from the DSi to their new system, the 3DS.

They will shut down Flipnote Hatena for the DSi to introduce a new version of that for the 3DS. I mean, seriously?

What about those who only own a DSi and for the past years, have garnered tons of followers, stars, friends, etc. which are all part of the Flipnote experience?

For their users, it’s like taking away the text messaging function for the iPhone4 to introduce  iPhone5 with a whole new text messaging function. Yes, it’s THAT vital for these users. I should know, my sister, who I would describe as quite a little star at the website, is very passionate about what she does in Flipnote Hatena and she has met great people there. 

Anyway, that’s all what I have to say so far. It’s just really unfair for the old users and Nintendo should think twice before doing anything as drastic as this. (Money-loving scumbags)


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