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My friend’s yearbook write-up

So my friend asked me to make a yearbook write-up for her which is a great honor, I must say. Nonetheless, it is a little scary to do since it would be etched forever on her yearbook. Anyway, my friend is a multimedia arts major and I’ve known her since elementary school, so I pretty much know all about her.

Anyway (again) here’s what I came up with:

“If a picture paints a thousand words, then this girl must have painted a billion. From drawing anime to rigging, (Insert random name) isn’t new to the art scene. Don’t let the mysterious artistic appearance fool you though, as inside her is an inventive, charming, happy-go-lucky child at heart, trying to explore new ideas and to draw new things.  Aside from this, she always adds a personal touch to whatever she creates, be it paintings, cookies or even to her simple doodles. If you try to sum her up in one picture, bring a whole album. This girl is worth more than a thousand words.”


Shh. She doesn’t know I posted this here.


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