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Proper Closure

I’ve been pretty busy with school recently since everything will end two weeks from now. Hooray, freedom.

Because of this, I haven’t been going to my part-time job for a week. I know I wouldn’t be able to focus at all on my tasks as a marketing coordinator and so I wrote an e-mail to our director, requesting for a LOA.  Little did I know that the company has been bought and is now under new directors.

You can imagine my “what the hell” moment when I read her reply.

. . .

I would have wanted some kind of closure that would appease my worry. Was I fired because of the new directors? Or was I fired because of my performance.

“I have wanted to tell you this in person, but given your situation, I’d like to inform you that we no longer have a need for a marketing coordinator/tutor, the position you have held.”

Now they’re asking me to go back to the office to claim my last salary but I’m not sure if I can face my colleagues at all. This is my first job, and this is also my first time to lose a job.

Was I fired? Was I laid off? I wonder if there is a proper closure for something like this, it sure feels like there isn’t.


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