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Addicted to Cramming

Is it possible for someone to be addicted to cramming?

When I have a whole day to do just one thing, I tend to do it in the late hours of the night. I am well aware of the importance of the activity and I am also sensible to what will happen if ever I do not finish it on time. But as I sit down on my table, look at my laptop, and try to write down concepts, as abstract as they might be, I always think to myself that I’ll be able to finish it anyway at the end of the day, so why not enjoy the first half?

Call it procrastinating, but all I do while I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing is to worry about it.

Folks, I think I have found myself in a very dangerous situation. Because I tend to put off everything until the last minute, I might have conditioned my mind to think that since I was able, for example and I won’t say if it’s true or not, to finish a research paper in under three hours on the day itself, I can easily make two reflection papers in no time at all.

I am not a psychology major, but I do think a lot, too much for my own good even. And this is what I think… will be the death of me.

How do you battle  cramming? Procrastination? Let me know please and I will… ooh, bed.


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