Nintendo is acting like a total jerk to its ever-faithful users.

Why? Ever heard of Flipnote Hatena? Well, it’s a pretty fun website where people from all over the world (who have a DSi) can post flipbook-like animations. Since 2008, it has been providing an outlet for all DSi users to share art and whatever they have in a cutesy animated way.

Guess what? They’re closing the whole thing down.

For what, you may ask. Basically to move all of their market from the DSi to their new system, the 3DS.

They will shut down Flipnote Hatena for the DSi to introduce a new version of that for the 3DS. I mean, seriously?

What about those who only own a DSi and for the past years, have garnered tons of followers, stars, friends, etc. which are all part of the Flipnote experience?

For their users, it’s like taking away the text messaging function for the iPhone4 to introduce  iPhone5 with a whole new text messaging function. Yes, it’s THAT vital for these users. I should know, my sister, who I would describe as quite a little star at the website, is very passionate about what she does in Flipnote Hatena and she has met great people there. 

Anyway, that’s all what I have to say so far. It’s just really unfair for the old users and Nintendo should think twice before doing anything as drastic as this. (Money-loving scumbags)


My friend’s yearbook write-up

So my friend asked me to make a yearbook write-up for her which is a great honor, I must say. Nonetheless, it is a little scary to do since it would be etched forever on her yearbook. Anyway, my friend is a multimedia arts major and I’ve known her since elementary school, so I pretty much know all about her.

Anyway (again) here’s what I came up with:

“If a picture paints a thousand words, then this girl must have painted a billion. From drawing anime to rigging, (Insert random name) isn’t new to the art scene. Don’t let the mysterious artistic appearance fool you though, as inside her is an inventive, charming, happy-go-lucky child at heart, trying to explore new ideas and to draw new things.  Aside from this, she always adds a personal touch to whatever she creates, be it paintings, cookies or even to her simple doodles. If you try to sum her up in one picture, bring a whole album. This girl is worth more than a thousand words.”


Shh. She doesn’t know I posted this here.

Proper Closure

I’ve been pretty busy with school recently since everything will end two weeks from now. Hooray, freedom.

Because of this, I haven’t been going to my part-time job for a week. I know I wouldn’t be able to focus at all on my tasks as a marketing coordinator and so I wrote an e-mail to our director, requesting for a LOA.  Little did I know that the company has been bought and is now under new directors.

You can imagine my “what the hell” moment when I read her reply.

. . .

I would have wanted some kind of closure that would appease my worry. Was I fired because of the new directors? Or was I fired because of my performance.

“I have wanted to tell you this in person, but given your situation, I’d like to inform you that we no longer have a need for a marketing coordinator/tutor, the position you have held.”

Now they’re asking me to go back to the office to claim my last salary but I’m not sure if I can face my colleagues at all. This is my first job, and this is also my first time to lose a job.

Was I fired? Was I laid off? I wonder if there is a proper closure for something like this, it sure feels like there isn’t.

Give me a hand here

“Are left-handed people (or even right-handed) born that way? Or did they just happen to hold their bottle or pick up that pencil with that specific hand first?”

Again, I say to you, that I did not take up Psychology so maybe this has already been answered, but I’m really curious. If the latter’s the case, then, if I start writing with my left hand now (I’m right-handed), and maybe give me some time to practice, will I be able to write quite legibly on my left hand? Will I write in an unwanted doodle-like fashion with my right hand like how I do with my left hand now?

Oh the questions my hands raise. No palm intended. I mean, “pun.”

Addicted to Cramming

Is it possible for someone to be addicted to cramming?

When I have a whole day to do just one thing, I tend to do it in the late hours of the night. I am well aware of the importance of the activity and I am also sensible to what will happen if ever I do not finish it on time. But as I sit down on my table, look at my laptop, and try to write down concepts, as abstract as they might be, I always think to myself that I’ll be able to finish it anyway at the end of the day, so why not enjoy the first half?

Call it procrastinating, but all I do while I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing is to worry about it.

Folks, I think I have found myself in a very dangerous situation. Because I tend to put off everything until the last minute, I might have conditioned my mind to think that since I was able, for example and I won’t say if it’s true or not, to finish a research paper in under three hours on the day itself, I can easily make two reflection papers in no time at all.

I am not a psychology major, but I do think a lot, too much for my own good even. And this is what I think… will be the death of me.

How do you battle  cramming? Procrastination? Let me know please and I will… ooh, bed.

Effort vs Maintenance

Recently, I find myself delving into the world of late-night radio a little too much.

Sad to some of you, I know, but I grew up embracing the wonder in radio of having the ability to multitask while being able to follow a discussion at the same time, which if taken into the real world, will prove as quite a challenge.

As I browse through several radio stations, I immediately stopped incessantly pressing the ‘next’ button when I heard a girl whimpering about her love life. My favourite radio show was on, with the usual love guru that consoles her, giving her advice on how to handle her situation.

I have been a fan of this “love guru” ever since the time I heard my parents listening to him. His show can get R-13 at times so it isn’t really advisable for me to openly listen to him late at night.

I do it inconspicuously.

He continued on sympathizing with the, I must say, very commiserative girl. As I continued to listen to his words, something struck me, struck me hard, struck me good.

As females, we hate to admit it, but we are vulnerable to flattery and good deeds. Other people saying “You’re beautiful,” and even “You look thinner!” can really make a woman’s day. Younger people would often find different novels concerning guys doing things for the girl he loves romantic. Some of these things would be surprising her with a gift, lending her his jacket when she’s cold and listening to what she wants to talk about until she’s out of breath.

We would often connect this with how perfect the guy you’re with right now is if he makes the effort of doing these kinds of things for you. But that’s just it. Doing good things for the betterment of each other… have we forgotten that this should already be a given in a relationship?

“Oh, he listens to me,” or “He really understands me,” is what I hear some people would often say and make a big deal about. Truth is, a relationship cannot be a possible without communication, as communication cannot be possible without having a relationship, but that’s from a completely different philosophical point of view.

Listening to you shouldn’t be a big deal. To make a relationship work, you need understanding.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t talk with your other girlfriends about how cool or romantic your boy is when he was able to buy you that snazzy ring but rather, there’s a fine line between maintenance and effort.

To observe maintenance in a relationship is to just do the “givens.” Saying those three words, a stroll in the park, a call after his game, there are a lot of things you can do to maintain the relationship you have. To exert some effort in a relationship is another thing.

Who am I but a mere hopeless romantic to say what effort is and what is not?

All I’m saying though is for you to know what you should be doing in a relationship and what you could be doing.

You think going to his game is enough? How about cheering him on to your heart’s content. You think taking her home is enough? How about you hold her hand the whole time? You think giving a gift is enough? Ever think of adding a letter to it?

Small things can make a difference, and truly, the line between what is effort and what is maintenance can be a bit little, but nevertheless sure to have a huge impact in your relationship.

The girl I talked about earlier, the one whinging about how her boyfriend seem disinterested with her, is one such victim of not knowing the difference between an “I love you” to an “I LOVE YOU.” By the end of their discussion, she eventually promised to break up with the guy (as most of them do).  She even seemed to understand what the ‘love guru’ was aching to make her comprehend. This time I hope she realizes that it’s the people that make the relationship work and not the relationship that makes the people.

So my advice, listen to the radio late at night and explore the wonders within.

Hello world!

I’ve longed for the day to actually be able to make a WordPress account, well… a blog for that matter, and here it is! Ta-da!

The idea of keeping a blog had been in my head ever since I’ve read an article from a blog back when I was in high school, but it only lead to accounts with more or less, three empty worthless articles, with shabby GIFs, differing fonts, font sizes and colors, and even crossed-out words. This time, I hope it’d last.

I still think having entries about yourself and what you do is kind of, vain, but sometimes I just find myself in situations I would like the whole country to hear about. Even the whole world! I love telling stories, but I love looking at the reactions of the people I told stories to more. It’s just exhilarating to know that you were able to produce those emotions with just your words.

Three cheers for the upcoming years I plan this blog to be up and about. Hip, hip… *insert your hooray here*